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Collegium is a network for the most talented, ambitious and impressive young people from around the planet who are the leaders of the future in their respective fields, communities and the world as a whole. Our name derives from the Latin for ‘joined together’ and we are a multi-disciplinary community for those looking to make their mark, change the world and create their own dent in the universe.


For the betterment of the world

We passionately believe in the power of networking, collaboration and connectivity for the betterment of the world. We appreciate that in addition to what you know, who you know is of huge importance and by creating connections between the rising stars of the future and equipping them with the networks and help they need, we provide the best platform for their success. From this we hope to see the most exciting innovations, the most creative content and the greatest impact and positive change to the world.


Necessary tools for success

Together we provide an environment equipped with all the necessary tools for success: like-minded and talented people; experienced mentors; invaluable guidance and advice; a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere with fascinating events; theoretical knowledge and practical skills; and access to capital and contacts required on every step of the way – in short the fertile soil, light and water for our bright superstars to grow and flourish.


Who will be running the world in the future

Individual members of the network are selected from applications and recommendations (from people and via our Artificial Intelligence algorithms). They are the businesspeople, the entrepreneurs, the investors, the medics, the lawyers, the bankers, the consultants, the politicians, the creatives, the thinkers, the social changers and people from a wide range of different disciplines who will be running the world in the next 10-15 years and be pioneers in their challenging fields/industries.



The criteria for entry is not a membership fee, nor is necessarily based on where you have studied but is on merit based upon what you have achieved so far and the talent, energy, ambition, initiative, steadfastness, impact and potential you have demonstrated. We recognise and accept only the very best of the best talent and shape today’s most excellent young people into the most prominent innovators, leaders and changemakers of the future. Our aim is to help our members prosper and succeed in their lives and careers and for them to better the world we live in and we work hard to provide them with the best platform from which to maximise and unleash their potential. We have created a network that allows for EVERYONE TO WIN and a key part of our vision is for our members not just to help their fellow members, but also the rest of the wider world around them. Our access programmes with regards to University applications, careers and mentorship are a key part of this

Universities, School Leavers and Societies

In addition to young professionals Collegium is also focussed on Universities and School Leavers and these truly exceptional young people are very important to us. As well as being a network for individuals, we are also a network of the most effective campus organisations and societies. True to our name, in ancient Rome a Collegium was an association (a guild, social club, society or organised body of businesspeople or those with shared interests) with a legal personality and university campuses are hotbeds of creativity, distruptive thinking and innovation and we seek to harness that truly exciting potential.

The most active students join and get involved with the running of campus organisations of young people – also known as societies. Collegium recognises and supports the best go-to societies on campus that provide the most effective services to students and by working together improve the offerings of all our member organisations.

The top societies do some truly amazing work and achieve great things that make a huge difference to their members and we appreciate these efforts and the teams behind them. These teams work hard to support the best and brightest talent, and help them put their classroom learning into practice in the real world. It is our firm belief that the best learning comes from doing and societies are a great way to apply this.

Building upon the successes of the Oxford Guild which has grown to be the biggest society not just in Oxford and the UK but Europe and now the world, we support and represent societies and student organisations and through shared best practices, resources and collaboration we help them to provide the best possible services at their Universities. The societies also play in important part in being a pipeline for future talent and members of the network year on year.